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Jackson Wonder Bush Lima Bean

Jackson Wonder Bush Lima Bean

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Jackson Wonder

68 days — The three inch pods of 'Jackson Wonder' beans are set on twenty to twenty-four inch plants and contain three to five seeds that are light brown splattered with purplish-brown. Does well even in dry, hot weather. Good as a butterbean or dried for soups.

This heirloom originated on the farm of Thomas Jackson near Atlanta, Georgia in the 1880s and after being initially sold in the South, became popular in many of the major seed company catalogs by the early 1890s. Each ounce is approximately 50 seeds.
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Planting Instructions: Beans prefer well-drained, rich soil in a sunny location. Make sure that you keep them well watered in the summer heat. Beans are tender and you should not plant them until all danger of frost has passed and the soil remains above 65ºF. Sow seeds 1½ inches deep, every 2 to 3 inches.

Harvest when the pods are well-filled and firm, but still bright green in appearance. To dry, allow them to remain on the vine until brittle. If rain threatens, harvest and finish drying indoors.