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Henderson's Bush Lima Bean

Henderson's Bush Lima Bean

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Henderson's Bush Lima

70 days — The erect, bushy plants of 'Henderson's Bush Lima' beans are reliable and set pods until frost. It is an old-time favorite used for canning, freezing and as dry beans. 'Henderson's Bush Lima' bean is also known as 'Henderson's Dwarf', 'Henderson's Baby Lima', and 'Earliest Bush Lima'.

It was found by chance along a Lynchburg, Virginia roadside in about 1883, was grown by a local market gardener, and eventually passed along to T. W. Woods & Sons. They grew it for two years and then sold their whole stock to Peter Henderson & Company in 1887. Henderson increased and improved the stock and released it to the gardening public in the spring of 1889. The seeds dry to a creamy white color. Each packet contains one ounce, which is approximately 75 seeds.
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Planting Instructions: Beans prefer well-drained, rich soil in a sunny location. Make sure that you keep them well watered in the summer heat. Beans are tender and you should not plant them until all danger of frost has passed and the soil remains above 65ºF. Sow seeds 1½ inches deep, every 2 to 3 inches.

Harvest when the pods are well-filled and firm, but still bright green in appearance. To dry, allow them to remain on the vine until brittle. If rain threatens, harvest and finish drying indoors.