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Imperator 58 Carrot

Imperator 58 Carrot

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Imperator 58

75 days — Also known as 'Long Imperator 58', the roots reach six to seven and one-half inches in length, are deep-orange colored, and taper to a blunt point. It is excellent fresh from the garden and also stores well. Originally bred for market growers and for shipping. An improved version of the 1933 "All-America Selection®" winner.

The original 'Imperator' was developed by Associated Seed Growers, Inc. as a stabilized a cross between 'Nantes' and 'Chantenay' and introduced in 1928.[1] 'Long Imperator 58' was bred by Ferry-Morse Seed Company and introduced in 1963.[2] Each packet contains one gram, which is approximately 650 seeds.
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