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Black Nebula Carrot

Black Nebula Carrot

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75 days to maturity. Black Nebula is a highly attractive, open pollinated carrot that is bred for home gardeners. Their dark purple roots can be eaten fresh, roasted, steamed, or used for dyes. The interior of the root is light in color which has an interesting and attractive design, which looks like a nebula in space. Showcase this unique coloration by serving thin slices.

Each packet contains one gram, which is approximately 650 seeds.

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Planting Instructions: Loosen rich, well-drained soil to a depth of one foot, in a location that receives 6 to 8 hours of full sunlight per day.

Plant outdoors in spring as soon as the ground can be worked. Plant seeds ¼ inch deep, ½ inches apart in rows that are spaced 12 to 18 inches apart.

Keep moist until germination. Thin to 1 to 2 inches apart after the seedlings are 1½ inches tall.

Water as required and keep soil cultivated to control weeds.