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Hajduczek Pepper

Hajduczek Pepper

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90 days — 'Hajduczek' plants are very compact, averaging eleven to nineteen inches in height. The fruit are about three to four inches long, and develop from green, to a deep red color when mature. Quite flavorful and sweet. A very prolific variety for such compact plants.

We use them fresh, in any dish that calls for fresh sweet peppers, and at the end of the season when we are saving seed, have way more than we can eat and are in a hurry, simply toss fresh strips and chunks of them into freezer containers and use them throughout the winter. One on Mike's favorite uses for the frozen peppers is to take a handful, sauté them in some olive oil with fresh onions, and use that mix as a topping for homemade pizza.

'Hajduczek' is a non-commercial variety that originated in Poland and was sent to us in 2008 by seed saver, Andrey Baranovski of Minsk, Belarus (BELR BA A).

Very limited supplies. Each packet contains 10 seeds.

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