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Habanero Hot Pepper

Habanero Hot Pepper

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Capsicum sinense

85 days — The fruit of 'Habanero' peppers are about one inch long by one inch across, have thin crinkled flesh, are light green in color as they are developing and ripen to orange-red. Although they are very hot, unlike other peppers touted for their heat, they are also flavorful. 'Habanero' peppers are are used to add heat and flavor to recipes, jellies, sauces, chocolates, and even infused into alcohol.

'Habanero' peppers can be very hot! Depending on your specific growing conditions, 'Habanero' peppers can reach between 60,000 to 450,000 Scoville Units. That is about two hundred times hotter than typical Jalapeno peppers! They can be a little slow to germinate so be patient. Each packet contains 20 seeds.

See also 'Red Habanero' hot pepper.
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