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Chives, Garlic

Chives, Garlic

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Garlic Chives
Allium tuberosum

Also known as "Chinese leeks," garlic chives tend to be larger than standard chives and have a mild garlic scent and flavor. They are excellent as a garnish, in stir-fry, or anywhere a hint of garlic flavor is desired. In China, they are often used to make dumplings with a combination of eggs, shrimp, and pork. They also use them to make a flatbread similar to scallion pancakes substituting Garlic Chives for scallions.

A native of the steppes of Northern China, Garlic Chives is widely cultivated and now naturalized all over the world. Garlic Chives is a perennial plant in USDA zones 4 to 10. Each packet contains 0.5 gram, which is approximately 440 seeds.

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