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Bull's Blood Beet

Bull's Blood Beet

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Bull's Blood

60 days — 'Bull's Blood' is very attractive and commonly grown as an ornamental bedding plant. Since the tops of this variety are quite tasty, sweet and beautifully colored, they are also harvested when young and tender as a salad "green." Maturity is about thirty five days for tops and sixty days for the roots.

Beets are rich in the beneficial carotenoid lycopene, which are effective at scavenging the molecules that have been linked to cancer-causing free radicals. Bright red vegetables are also shown to be useful in increasing blood flow and circulation which is beneficial for heart and lung health.

Introduced by K. Sahin, Zaden B.V. of The Netherlands in 1986. It was developed by the late seedsman, Kees Sahin (1944-2006) from a selection of the French variety, 'Crapaudine.' With his background in ornamental plants and flowers, he selected for the darkest color and most attractive plant growth habits. It is heat resistant. Each packet contains four grams which is approximately 200 seeds.

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Planting Instructions: In a well-drained location that receives six to eight hours of full sun daily, sow seeds ¼ to ½ inch deep and one inch apart. The rows should be spaced 12 to 24 inches. Make sure that you have loosened the soil to one foot deep and rake smooth.

Firm the soil over the seeds and keep moist, making sure that the young roots do not dry out, until seedlings appear. When plants are 1½ to 3-inches tall, thin to three inches apart. The “thinnings” can be eaten as “baby greens.” Water weekly (or as required) in dry weather. Control weeds.
Informational References:
  • After a prolonged illness Kees Sahin passed away in September 2006. A year later Elisabeth Sahin decided to sell the company to Takii & Co. Ltd. Japan. In August 2008 the head office of K. SAHIN, Zaden B.V. moved to the premises of Takii Europe B.V. in De Kwakel. [Source: K. SAHIN, Zaden B.V. web site, 12/6/11]