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Buhl Sweet Corn

Buhl Sweet Corn

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Sweet Corn

75 to 85 days — A high yielding and early maturing sweet corn, the stalks of 'Buhl' typically reach about five to seven feet in height and produce  two ears that are each about nine to ten inches long. The golden-yellow kernels are milky and sweet at the fresh eating stage and has a classic, old-timey corn flavor. Noticeably less sweet than modern hybrids but with more of a full, complex flavor. 

We are still searching for more documentation on this variety but it appears to have been introduced commercially in the early 1990s by Glenn Drowns (IA DR G) of Sand Hill Preservation Center. He listed that he had originally received the variety in 1981 from a "B. W. White." Each ounce is approximately 130 seeds.
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