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Six Shooter Sweet Corn

Six Shooter Sweet Corn

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Six Shooter Certified Naturally Grown Seed
Sweet Corn

85 days — Under the right growing conditions, 'Six Shooter', as its name implies, can "shoot" up to six full-sized ears on one stalk. Here on the farm in the Northern Willamette Valley of Oregon, the stalks reach about eight feet tall to the tip of the tassel and produce three to four large ears each. Along with multiple ears per stock, like many old corn varieties, 'Six Shooter' will also produce tillers (side shoots). Unlike "suckers," tillers do not sap energy from the main stalk and should be left. As an added bonus, these side shoots yield up to two smaller ears, making this a very productive variety.

Its ears have 10 to 14 rows of white, firm, small, sweet and delicious kernels. Our original seed sample was sent to us by David Pendergrass (TN PE D) in 2003. His family had been growing it in Tennessee since the early 1970s from seed originally purchased from the old R. H. Shumway Seed Company. It was commercially introduced by them in about 1968. Approximately 65 seeds per 0.5 ounce.

- Rare and in Limited Supply -
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