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Baby's Breath

Baby's Breath

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Baby's Breath
Gypsophila elegans

'Baby's Breath' is an annual plant that you commonly see used as a filler in floral arrangements, especially roses.  They are also perfect for displaying at baby showers, weddings and other special events.

Choose a location that has moderately dry to dry soil throughout the growing season.  Make sure that it also receives full sun.  Prepare the soil by loosing and raking to a fine texture.  Sow the seeds to a depth of about 2½ times their diameter spacing them eight inches apart.  Keep the seeds moist until germination occurs.  After established, allow the soil to dry out in between watering.

The plants grow from eight to eighteen inches tall and have snowy white flowers.  Depending on when sown, they will bloom from early summer into the first frost of fall.   They can also be used in floral arrangements after being dried. Each packet contains 0.5 gram, which is about 400 seeds.
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