Press Package

A Message to Garden Writers, Editors and Other Members of the Press
We greatly appreciate all of the press coverage that we receive. As a small organization with a very limited advertising budget, our primary method is word-of-mouth marketing. A powerful tool for getting the word out about our work has been feature articles, product mentions, and listings as a seed source in numerous publications. For this we are most grateful.

If you are a member of the press and would like more information about our company and our work, here are a few links that you might find useful:
About Us
About Our Mission
About Our Seeds
About Our Giving
In The News
Our Position on GMOs / Safe Seed Pledge
Customer reviews at The National Gardening Association's "Green Pages"
Customer reviews at The Garden Watchdog

We are a little different from most commercial companies in that profit is not our primary motivating force.  That is, we don't simply sell seeds to make money so that we can keep selling seeds.  Our sales directly support our primary mission of preserving open-pollinated and heirloom seeds and keeping them available to gardeners, as well as our charitable work.

Along with our dedication to our mission, we also work at building community and providing educational and informational resources pertaining to historical horticulture, gardening, seed saving, personal food production and preservation, etc.  As part of this effort, we help to support, a resource fostering the sharing of information pertaining to historical horticulture and to promote the preservation of significant commercially released and family heirloom cultivars. It is also home to the Seedsman Hall of Fame (A list of individuals who have made great contributions to horticulture and society) and Seed Company Histories.
If you have any additional questions, please contact us!