Although we try and keep this up to date, some articles slip through the cracks. Please let us know if you see us mentioned in the news.
Sep 30, 2022, "Try growing these vegetables and plants in your garden this fall," by Alex Groves, Orange County Register. Extensive interview with Victory Seed Company's General Manager Jon Whitinger.
April 15, 2020, "Kohlrabi prefers mild or cool weather," by Paul Barbano, Cape Gazette, Delaware. List's Victory Seed Company as a source.
March 28, 2020, "Panic Buying Comes for the Seeds: I’m clearly not the only one who is desperate to garden," by by Kendra Pierre-Louis, The New York Times. Quoted Mike Dunton regarding the pandemic buying that was occurring.
November 05, 2018, "A Little Garden History," by Steve and Cindy DeBerg, The Marengo-Union Times, Marengo, Illinois.
February 14, 2017, Cape Gazette (Delaware), "It is best to start tomato plants indoors," by Paul Barbano. Discusses the Victory Seed Company's introduction of the 'Aunt Edna' tomato, as well as encouraging folks to start their own plants from seeds.
Spring 2017, The Heritage Companion: A Membership Publication of Seed Savers Exchange, "Passing the Tomato Torch," by Tor Janson, Collection Curator, pgs. 18-19. "A. W. Livingston, a 19th-century seedsman, helped popularize tomatoes. Today Seed Savers Exchange is collaborating with Mike Dunton of Victory Seeds to confirm the authenticity of its collection of Livingston's bred tomatoes."
Spring 2017, Green Living Journal, "Great Summer Gardens Begin Now," by Mike Dunton, Issue 36, p22-25. In the article, Mike discusses the importance of planning for success in the garden.
March 16, 2017, Seed Saver's Exchange Blog, "A.W. Livingston and His Enduring Tomato Legacy," by Tor Janson, Philip Kauth, and Steffen Mirsky.
March, 2017, Farm Show (Vol. 41, No. 2), "He Sells, Promotes Rare 'Open Source' Garden Seeds," An article about the work of the Victory Seed Company and what we offer.
February 3, 2017, The Morning Call, "Another Seed Company," by Sue Kittek. A nice summary about the Victory Seed Company and our home, the Dunton Family Farm.
January 2017, ACRES USA: The Voice of Eco-Agriculture, "Generation to Generation: Preserving Open-Pollinated, Heirloom Varieties," by Francesca Camillo, pgs. 28-31. An article dedicated solely to the history, mission and ongoing work of the Victory Seed Company.
January 21, 2017, Aurora Beacon News (, "St. Charles Public Library Seed Library Begins Third Year." Recognized for our support of their mission though our charitable seed donation program.
Winter 2017, The Heritage Companion: A Membership Publication of Seed Savers Exchange, "A. W. Livingston - Pioneer Seedsman and Tomato Breeder," by Mike Dunton, Seed Saver Exchange Member, with Tor Janson, Collection Curator, pgs. 20-22. Describes the history of the father of the modern tomato (Livingston) and the Victory Seed Company's decades-long project of reestablishing Livingston's collection.

Fall 2016, Green Living Journal, "Protecting the Future by Preserving the Past," by Mike Dunton, Issue 34, p14-15. In the article, Mike discusses the loss of biodiversity due to corporate greed and the grass-roots organization working to prevent this trend.

Summer 2016, Green Living Journal, "Open Source Seed Initiative: Guaranteeing the Rights of Gardeners and Farmers to Save and Replant Seeds," by Mike Dunton, Issue 33, p14-15. In the article, Mike discusses the loss of biodiversity due to corporate greed and the grass-roots organization working to prevent this trend.

Spring 2016, Green Living Journal, "New Tomato Varieties for Container Gardens: The Dwarf Tomato Project," by Mike Dunton, Issue 32, p18. "We have not been trying to keep them a secret. In fact, for the past five years we have been a conduit for introducing gardeners all over the world to new varieties of compact tomatoes. With their popularity increasing, everywhere you look in the tomato gardening world, there is buzz about the …"
February 20, 2016, Fairbanks Daily Newsminer, "Some Seeds Can Be Stored For Years To Come," by Linden Staciokas. Victory Seed Company listed as source for the content of the article.
January / February 2016, The American Gardener: The Magazine of the American Horticultural Society, "The Worldwide Dwarf Tomato Project," by Craig LeHoullier, pages 18-22. Mike Dunton quoted on his involvement with the project, Victory Seed Company supplied many of the photographs for the article, and is listed as a source for the varieties.
January 30, 2016, "In the Garden with Mike Darcy," (click here to listen), KXL Radio (101.1), Portland, Oregon. Radio interview of Mike Dunton on the Victory Seed Company and various topics regarding heirloom seeds and the new dwarf tomatoes. Segment begins about 32:30.
January 20, 2016, Cape Gazette (Delaware), "Tatume squash is a versatile addition to your garden," by Paul Barbano. A good article on the history, cultivation, and use of 'Tatume'; lists Victory Seed Company as a seed source.
Spring 2015, Green Living Journal, "The Safe Seed Pledge: A Contract Between Gardeners and Their Seed Suppliers," by Mike Dunton, Issue 28, p14. In the article, Mike discusses the history and significance of the Safe Seed Pledge and what it means to gardeners.
March 3, 2015, Molalla Pioneer (, "Victory Garden," An article describing the school garden program implemented at the Molalla River Academy, a local charter school, and an event held that Denise and I attended. The MRA's "Roots of Responsibility Garden" is one of the programs that we support through our charitable giving program.
February 18, 2015, Tualatin Life newspaper, "Free Garden: Just Add Water," by Chad Darby. Described as the source of seed for their non-profit organization's community garden education program. Neighbors Nourishing Communities (NNC) is one of the programs that we support through our charitable giving program.

February 11, 2015, Molalla Pioneer, "Meet the Farmer," by Peggy Savage, Denise and Brittany were photographed as exhibitors at the second annual Farmer's Fair sponsored by Food For Life and the Molalla High School Culture Club. The MHS Culture Club is one of the organizations that we support through our charitable giving program.

February 7, 2015, "In the Garden with Mike Darcy,"  KXL Radio (101.1), Portland, Oregon. Radio interview of Mike Dunton on the Victory Seed Company and various topics regarding heirloom seeds. Segment begins about 34:04.
January 30, 2015, / Patriot-News, "Making Sense of Seeds," by George Weigel. Lists us as number 3 out of the Top 10 American seed companies.
January 15, 2015, The Spokesman Review, "Gardening: Tomato varieties take on uncertainties of region’s growing season," by Pat Munts. Listed as a source of seed.

December 7, 2014, Culture Map Dallas, "Texas farmer offers list of essential seeds to buy for 2015 garden," by Marshall Hinsley. Recommended three of our new for 2015 varieties.

June 12, 2014, The Statesman Journal, "Fava beans good eatin’ and good for soil," Listed as a fava bean source.
February 26, 2014, Cape Gazette (Delaware), "Italian beans produce creamy, warming soups," by Paul Barbano. Lists Victory Seed Company as a seed source for Italian beans.
Summer 2013, Heirloom Gardener Magazine, "12 All-Time Heirloom Tomato Favorites," by Randel A. Agrella. Mike Dunton was interviewed to offer opinions on several heirloom varieties.
August 21, 2013, Molalla Pioneer, "Building a Garden," by Cindy Fama. Listed as the donor of the vegetable seeds for the Molalla River Academy's school garden.
December 8, 2012, Albany Democrat-Herald, "Catalog sews the seeds of nutrition, fun," by Karen Petersen.
February 16, 2012, The Statesman Journal, "Cardoon adds edible interest to garden," by Carol Savonen. Listed as a source of seed, recipe and informational source.
January 26, 2012, KMTR Television, "Joel in the Garden: Before you plant your garden, take a little time and plan your garden." A Eugene, Oregon garden segment on planning the spring garden. Uses our seed packets.

November 12, 2011, The Oregonian, "One reader's harvest: A small patch yields pounds of protein-rich shell beans," by Kim Pokorny

April 16, 2010, The Statesman Journal, "Garden Advice: If you save seed, note what you buy," by Carol Savonen.

March, 2010, Sunset Magazine. Listed as a source for heirloom beans.

January, 2010, Southern Living magazine, page 130, "Our Favorite Seed Companies." Listed as a source of seed.

January 21, 2010, The Molalla Pioneer, "It’s time to start planning your garden and orchard," by Jim Gilbert. Listed as a source of seed.

December 29, 2009, The Statesman Journal, "Curl up with a seed catalog to plan garden," by Carol Savonen.

July 23, 2009, The Register-Guard, Eugene, OR, "Producers, tried and true: Garden success boosted by plants, seeds cultivated specifically for Northwest regions." by Tracy Ilene Miller. Listed as a source of seed.

May, 2009, Simply Family Magazine, "Creating a Victory Garden," by TJ Wierenga, pages 13-15. Listed as a source of seed.

April 22, 2009, The Star Ledger, Newark, NJ, "A tomato by any other name ..." by Jean Gilio. Listed as a source of seed.

March 20, 2009, The Houston Chronicle, "Some spring squashes will produce well" by Dr. Bob Randall. Listed as a source of seed.

March, 2009, Southern Living magazine, "Around Your Garden." Listed as an information source.

January, 2009, Ohio Magazine, "Home Remedies," by Jenny Pavlasek. Recommended as a source for open-pollinated seeds.

January 2, 2009, The Statesman Journal, "What you buy now impacts saving seeds later," by Carol Savonen.

May, 2008, Ohio Magazine, "Tomato Treasures," by Teresa Woodard. Described our work rebuilding and re-releasing the tomato varieties of the A. W. Livingston Seed Company.

February 13, 2008, Los Angeles Times, "Yellow strawberries and pink pumpkins -- it's time to plant for spring: And dig a few homegrown greens while you're at it," By Dawna Nolan, Special to The Times. Mentioned in the article and as a seed source. Also archived here.

February 7, 2008, New York Times, "Love in the Landscape," by Leslie Land. Our seed favors are featured.

January / February, 2008, Grit, "Sow Your Own: Start garden plants from seeds," by Tina Marie Wilcox and Susan Belsinger. Listed as a source of seed.

October 20, 2007, San Francisco Chronicle, "Plant of the Week: Fava beans," by Lynette Evans. Listed as a source of seed. Also archived here.

October 2007, His Majesty's Southern Department of Loyal Indian Allies Department Dispatch, "Pipes and Smoking among Southeastern Native People (pdf)," By Wynne Eden. Listed as a source of native type tobacco seeds for historical reenactors.

March 17, 2007, San Francisco Chronicle, "Cool-weather tomatoes extend growing season," by Demi Bowles Lathrop, Carol O'Donnell. We are the sole seed source listed. Also archived here.

August / September, 2006, Mother Earth News magazine, "Discover Real Green Beans", by Barbara Pleasant. Listed as a source of seed.

July 1, 2006, Mississippi Magazine, "Return to your roots: heirloom and passalong plants forge a botanical bond with friends past and present," by Lucy Schultze. Listed as a source of seed.

March / April 2006, Homegrown magazine, "A Case for Gardening with Heirloom Plants", by Mike Dunton, pages 6-7.

March 18, 2006, Selected as Kim Komando's "Kool Site for the Day".

March 6, 2006, Madera Tribune (California), "Yesterday's 'Victory Gardens' offer inspiration," by Ramona Frances. Listed as reference source for information pertaining to WW II-era Victory Gardening.

January 21, 2006, The Seattle Times Home & Garden section, "A new way to find old seeds," By Holly Ocasio Rizzo,

August 26, 2005, The Statesman Journal, Salem, OR, page 7H of Real Living Section, "Veggies That Keep Their Cool", by Staff. Listed as source.

June 25, 2005, San Francisco Chronicle, "Crisp, mild bean great for dipping, pickling," by Lynette Evans. Listed as a source of seed.

April / May, 2005, Mother Earth News magazine, "Finding Great Garden Seeds: Mother’s 2005 Honor Roll reveals the best seed companies in North America", by Barbara Pleasant. We made the 2005 Sustainable Seeds Honor Roll listed as one of the top 21 seed companies.

March 20, 2005, Kilgore News Herald (Kilgore, TX), "Use edibles as ornamentals, too," by Dean Fosdick (for AP). Listed as reference source for information pertaining to WW II-era Victory Gardening.

March 18, 2005, North County Times (San Diego, CA), "Edible plants can be ornamentals, too," by Dean Fosdick (for AP). Listed as reference source for information pertaining to WW II-era Victory Gardening.

March 14, 2005, Newsweek magazine, "Family Heirlooms", by Josh Ulick with input from Dr. Carolyn Male. Listed as informational source as well as source for heirloom tomato seed varieties listed in the article.

February 25, 2005, The Statesman Journal, Salem, OR, "Mail Order Seeds", by Stephanie, Knowlton. Listed as source.

January 22, 2005, Naples Daily News, Naples, FL, "Beating the Heat: Get to Know Vegetables That Love Our Sauna-like Summers", by Kit Kitchen-Maran, listed as a seed source.

June 2, 2004, NewLeaf News (Newsletter of NewLeaf Natural Grocery), Chicago, IL, "Seeds of Change". Republished Mike Dunton's article entitled "A Case for Heirlooms."

December / January, 2004, Mother Earth News magazine, "Cream of the Crops", edited by Brook Elliott, pages 92-93. Printed Mike's description of 'Cherokee Purple' tomato and list us as a source of seed.

Winter, 2003 (December 2003), Homestead magazine, Published by John Deere, "A Taste of Immortality: Heirloom seeds yield the vegetables and flowers of yesteryear", by Steve Werblow, pages 5-6, A great feature story about our company and seed preservation work.

September / October, 2003, Gardening How-To magazine, "Ways to Extend Your Veggie Growing Season", by Janet Loughrey, page 39. Listed as a seed source.

Summer / Fall, 2003, Simple Livin' Magazine, "A Little Room to Grow", by Nell Nix, photography by Michael Clapp, pages 62-64. A full story about our work preserving heirlooms.

July / August, 2003, Texas Gardener magazine, "Rhubarb Texas Style", by Skip Richter. Listed as a seed resource in the printed article (although they published our address wrong as PO Box 1003).

April 30, 2003, Home and Garden (supplement to several Willamette Valley Oregon newspapers), "Victory Seeds", Story and photography by Cindy Garrison of the Wilsonville Spokesman, page 21. A history of the company and our work.

April 24, 2003,'s Monthly Newsletter, "Vendor Interview: High-Quality Seed Favors, Victory Seeds", by Sara Ambarian. An in depth interview focusing on our seed favor products but exploring our core values, practices, and philosophies. (In case the above link expires, here is a permanant link to the article on the authors web site - click here)

April 3, 2003, The Augusta Chronicle, "Hybrids have good qualities and shortcomings," by Lee Reich

Spring, 2002, Jersey Shore Home & Garden, "Victory Gardens: Patriotism Through Planting," by Christine Menapace. Quoted our Victory Garden site and referenced our organization.

March 7, 2002, The Oregonian, Front page of Metro South News section, "Family Nurtures Living Heirlooms", by Nelle Nix. Nice article about the history of the farm and our work with saving heirloom seeds.

February 17, 2002, The Advertiser-Tribune, Tiffin, Ohio, "Growing Food to Support a War", by Carol Bogart. A history of World War II Victory Gardening, we are a quoted source for historical information.

December/January, 2002, Mother Earth News magazine, "Mother's Stocking Stuffers", page 20. Our salsa kits were featured and praised.

August 22, 2001, Victory Seed Company's Mike Dunton was interviewed on the Carla & Don Show. Carla Emery is the author of the classic book entitled, "The Encyclopedia of Country Living: An Old Fashioned Recipe Book". Together with her husband Don DeLong, they host and produce a "Talk Internet" broadcast.

May/June, 2001, myBUSINESS magazine, "Simplicity: 5 Ways To Get Back To The Basics In You Business And Life", pages 31 & 34.

March 28, 2001, Home and Garden Guide (A Supplement to the Petaluma-Argus Courier), Petaluma (California), page 2, "Seeds of Victory" by Judy Brinkerhoff. A great article about our history, philosophies, and goals.

February 16, 2001, The Cincinnati Post, "Get a Head Start On Veggie Gardening", by Jan Perry. Listed as a favorite gardening link.

January 31, 2001, Argus-Courier newspaper, Judy Brinkerhoff's Petaluma (California), "In The Garden" column, Our Website and company is listed and greeting made to the folks "back home".

August, 2000, Volume 8 Number 8, Romantic Notions Newsletter, Heartsong Presents, page 3. Published "Gardens for Victory" article.

June, 2000 Issue of Garden Gate Magazine, page 7. Listed as a source for SeedSpoons™.

May/June, 2000, Heirloom Gardening magazine, page 5. Our Website and company is reviewed.

May/June, 2000, Heirloom Gardening magazine, "Veggies: Tomatoes (Lycopersicon esculentum)", page 2. We are listed as a resource

March 16, 2000, Press Democrat, Santa Rosa (California), "Spring Home & Garden Supplement". Our gardens are showcased in a large photo on the front page.

March/April, 2000, Natural Home magazine, "Heirloom Seeds Preserve a Piece of the Past", page 20. We are listed as a resource.

July 9, 1993, NPR Radio, "Grandmother's Seeds", by Neenah Ellis. An awesome audio report detailing the importance of heirloom seed preservation. We are listed as a seed resource.