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Sticker, 3-inch Round Red & Yellow Holographic

Sticker, 3-inch Round Red & Yellow Holographic

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Red & Yellow Holographic Victory Seeds® Sticker
(Limited Edition)

Looking for an cool way to share your favorite seed company with the people around you? These high-quality, 3 inch in diameter stickers are screen-printed in red and goldish-yellow on holographic vinyl stock. It is hard to put it into words, but when the two dimensional image printed on the holographic stock is subjected to light, it creates an eye-catching rainbow effect which changes based on the light intensity and the viewers perspective. Check out the (very amateurish) video in the link above.

Stick on anything; binders, laptops, your car. Even the mug or water bottle on your desk at work can help to introduce your favorite seed supplier to your co-workers, friends, neighbors, and family.

If you think of some cool places to stick the stickers, send us a picture. We love to see how far and wide our message travels and would love to include your picture in the gallery!
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