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Red Giant Mustard Greens

Red Giant Mustard Greens

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Red Giant

45 days — 'Red Giant' mustard plants produce large, tender, deep purplish-red colored, savoyed leaves with a strong mustard taste. It is a slow bolting variety and is very good pickled.

Originally from Japan, 'Red Giant' is a popular choice for including in garden salad mixes. For this purpose, it can be harvested at the "baby greens" stage (about 25 days after sowing) when the leaves are green with purple veins. Each packet contains one gram, which is approximately 350 seeds.
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Planting Instructions: Sow seeds ½ inches deep, two to three seeds per inch, in rows 18 inches apart. Cover with loose soil. Avoid disease by not planting where other Brassica (cole crops) plants have been recently grown.

Mustard bolts rapidly as the days lengthen in spring. It is generally important to plant as early as possible and make sure that the plants have plenty of nitrogen to promote green growth.

Start harvesting by thinning young plants to about six inches apart. As the plants grow, continue culling plants until they are finally spaced twelve inches apart. Continue to harvest larger outer leaves as needed.