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Painted Mountain Flour Corn

Painted Mountain Flour Corn

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Painted Mountain
Flint / Flour Corn

80 to 100 days — The stalks are efficient, hardy, small, average about five feet in height and produce seven inch long, beautiful ears. 'Painted Mountain' corn plants can vary from four to six feet tall and the ears from six to twelve inches, depending upon fertility and water.

Some of the husks are purple or red, while most are a typical pale tan color, but inside, every ear is different. 'Painted Mountain' corn has been primarily sold over the years as an ornamental or decorative corn for variety and has become a hit at farmer's markets. It produces some of the brightest colors of any corn making harvest time exciting and fun. Harvest time is exciting - like opening presents. Peeling back the husks reveals the surprising color combinations.

Along with its beautiful, obvious ornamental value, 'Painted Mountain' corn is a multi-purpose, highly nutritional food corn. The kernels have soft flour starch that grinds up wondrously for cornbread. (You can learn more food uses below.)

The seed we sell is produced by its developer. Since 1970, Dave Christensen of Big Timber, Montana has been continuously developing and refining this amazingly diverse corn variety. He has made it his life's work. We purchase our seed stock directly from Dave so by purchasing these seeds for your own garden, you are not only helping to support the seed variety preservation work of the Victory Seed Company, you are directly supporting another small, seed preservationist.

He started by rescuing about one-hundred Native American heirloom corn varieties. These corns had survived for centuries, under the most extreme environmental challenges, from cold springs to summer drought. These genetics result in the extreme hardiness of 'Painted Mountain' corn. (You can read more about his work below.)

Dave tells us that, "This nutritious corn is now being grown by people on every continent in the world. It is helping to prevent many people from starvation. It is a diverse, open-pollinated gene pool, capable of adapting to various locations. Because of its genetic diversity, it can be adapted to locations. With climate change, 'Painted Mountain' should be in everyone’s survival seed bank." Each ounce contains approximately 85 seeds.
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