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Kustovaya Oranzhevaya Pumpkin

Kustovaya Oranzhevaya Pumpkin

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Certified Natural Grown
Kustovaya Oranzhevaya
Cucurbita pepo

95 days — We were very excited to receive the seed for this variety and to make it available to home gardeners here in the United States back in 2011. We have seen an occasional off-type fruit produced and continue to refine the strain.

In general, it produces medium to large (eight to thirteen pound) fruit that have orange, relatively thin skin with fine, thick, light orange flesh on compact, bush-type plants. This is a very interesting variety for home gardeners with limited space as it requires much less space than conventional vining varieties.
A Russian commercial variety that was bred at the Kuban Research Station and Vavilov's Plant Institute. Its Russian name literally translates in English to "Bushy Orange." It was sent to us by seed saver, Andrey Baranovski of Minsk (BELR BA A). Each packet contains two grams, which is approximately 12 to 14 seeds.

Rare and in limited supply.
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Planting Instructions: After all danger of frost is passed and the weather has warmed, plant four to five seeds, 1 inch deep, in hills spaced 6 feet apart. When seedlings are 2 inches tall, thin to 2 plants per hill. Pumpkins prefer rich soil. Feed at planting time and again at the 4 to 5 leaf development stage.

Keep watered during the dry weather and cultivate or mulch to reduce weeds. Harvest fruit when skin has turned completely orange and it cannot be easily dented with your fingernail. Cut from vine leaving a two inch stem.