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Jack O'Lantern Pumpkin

Jack O'Lantern Pumpkin

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Jack O'Lantern
Cucurbita pepo

100 days — The fruit vary in size and shape but tend to average about ten inches in diameter, and between ten and eighteen pounds in weight. Its skin is an attractive medium-orange color with shallow ribs and flesh that is sweet, light in color, and fine-grained enough to be a good quality cooking variety. When cured properly, it is also a good storage variety. 

This variety originated as a cross between 'Connecticut Field' with 'Golden Oblong'. Originally bred and released by the "pre-merger and acquisition era," Northrup King and Company of Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1956. Their intent was to produce a pumpkin that measured about the same size as a human head for the growing Halloween season market.

An interesting historical note is that in the early 1900s, the Gill Brother's Seed Company of Portland, Oregon listed their 'Connecticut Field' pumpkin with the synonym of 'Jack O'Lantern' stating, "Our seed is carefully selected for jack lantern shapes." Each packet contains four grams, which is approximately 24 to 30 seeds.
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Planting Instructions: After all danger of frost is passed and the weather has warmed, plant four to five seeds, 1 inch deep, in hills spaced 6 feet apart. When seedlings are 2 inches tall, thin to 2 plants per hill. Pumpkins prefer rich soil. Feed at planting time and again at the 4 to 5 leaf development stage.

Keep watered during the dry weather and cultivate or mulch to reduce weeds. Harvest fruit when skin has turned completely orange and it cannot be easily dented with your fingernail. Cut from vine leaving a two inch stem.