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Gross Brother's Vermont Cranberry Bush Garden Bean

Gross Brother's Vermont Cranberry Bush Garden Bean

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Certified Natural Grown
Gross Brother's Vermont Cranberry 
A 2007 Victory Seed Company Introduction

65 to 85 days — The seeds are buff and heavily mottled with cranberry coloring. 'Gross Brother's Vermont Cranberry' beans can be used fresh as green beans when young, or allowed to mature to be used dried. There are four to five seeds per five inch pod. The plants are upright, sturdy, and do not require support.

'Gross Brother's Vermont Cranberry' bean is an heirloom variety that was sent to us in 2003 by a gardening friend in Vermont name Sharon Zecchinelli. She received it some years prior from and older gardener in her community named Hugh Gross, who along with his brother David, had been growing it for many years in the short gardening season of the Cold Hollow Mountain region near Enosburgh, Vermont. Both Hugh and David have passed away, but their bean lives on thanks to Sharon.

We began increasing our seed stock from the original sample received and were able to introduce this variety in 2007. Each packet contains one ounce, which is about 55 seeds.

- Rare and in Limited Supply -
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Planting Instructions:
Beans prefer well-drained, rich soil in a sunny location. Make sure you keep them well watered in the summer heat.

Beans are a tender vegetable and you should not plant them until all danger of frost has passed and the soil remains above 65ºF. Sow seeds 1-1½ inches deep, every two to three inches. Bush-type beans do not require support.

For seed saving, allow pods to remain on the plant until they are brittle and open easily. However, if you live in an area with a short growing season, harvest as close to dry as possible and finish drying indoors. Rain and freezing temps will damage beans.
Informational Resources:
  1. Email correspondence with Sharon Zecchinelli.
  2. Obituary of Hugh Gross.
  3. Obituary of David Gross.