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German Foxtail Millet

German Foxtail Millet

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German Foxtail Millet
Setaria italica

45 to 95 days — 'German Foxtail' millet is generally used as a cover crop or for raising a fast hay or pasture crop. It is also commonly planted to provide food and cover for wildlife such as quail and doves. Allowed to fully mature, birds, including your backyard chickens, love the small white seeds.

'German Foxtail' millet is a fine-stemmed summer annual[1] whose plants grow two to five feet tall and once established, are very drought tolerant. Each gram is approximately 400 seeds.
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For best results sow seeds in the Spring, after all danger of frost has passed when the soil temperature has reached at least 65ºF, and in well drained soils. Seed may be broadcast sown if soil remains damp, or otherwise sow one-quarter to one-half of an inch deep in the soil.

'German Foxtail' millet can provide grazing or hay in as little as 45 to 60 days after sowing, but since foxtail millets will not regrow, do not begin grazing until plants reach at least eighteen inches in height. Harvest hay in the early head stage or allow to fully mature for the grain.

NOTE: Foxtail millet reportedly contains the glucoside setarian, a compound toxic to horses. In addition, the seedheads from foxtail-type millets can become lodged in a horse's mouth. Therefore, the use of foxtail millet for horses is not recommended.[1] 
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