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Bushel Gourd

Bushel Gourd

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Bushel Gourd

130 days — 'Bushel' gourds have vining type plants and are grown like winter squash. They require full sun and a lot of space to grow, as well as a long season for the fruit to reach full size. With a little care, you should be able to get fruit at least the size of a basketball.

The green gourd in the photo was planted on the farm in Northern Oregon on June 6th and harvested on October 31st. If we had started our plants indoors in peat pots, several weeks before the last expected frost date, they would have been much bigger. Gardeners living in areas with longer growing seasons see much larger specimens. Each packet contains three grams, which is approximately 12 seeds.

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Planting Instructions: Choose a location that has warm, well-drained and fertile soil. Work in plenty of organic matter and mulch to conserve moisture, as gourds are heavy water consumers.

Sow directly in garden after threat of frost has passed. Seed will not germinate if soil is too cold. Sow one inch deep in hills or rows spaced 24 to 30 inches apart.

These plants are grown like winter squash and require a lot of space and a long season for the fruits to reach full size.