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Aquadulce Fava Bean

Aquadulce Fava Bean

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90 days — ''Aquadulce' fava beans can withstand very cold conditions (down to about 15ºF) allowing them to be sown in the fall for spring harvest. 'Aquadulce' is a variety that is primarily grown for early crops. The plants can reach thirty-six to forty inches in height. 
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Planting Instructions: Fava beans can be planted in cooler weather. Generally as soon as the soil can be worked. Sow in well manured soil, one inch deep, three to six inches apart, in rows spaced at 24 inches.

Fava beans are not from the same family as true beans. They are used small (2 to 3 inches) as you would green or snap beans or if they are a bit past their prime, shelled by cooking in salted water. Some people cook the upper leaves of the plant like spinach or include them in salads.

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