Seasonally Available Varieties Program

As a part of our seed preservation work, we maintain many varieties that are not widely known or popular. We desire to continue to keep these varieties available to our customers, but keeping them in stock year round is burdensome. Many of the varieties get less than 5 orders per year. Rather than removing them entirely from our catalog, we instead have chosen to designate a special time of the year when we will accept orders for these rare and less popular varieties.

Generally, we will open ordering for these seasonal varieties in early January, and will accept orders for them for approximately one week. All orders placed during this window of time that include a seasonal item will not ship until the week is over. So please plan ahead for that and be aware of that delay as you order.

If you have found a variety in our catalog that is seasonally available, and you wish to be notified when the buying season begins, please sign up for the waiting list. On the product page you will find a form where you can enter your email address and submit it to be added. Then, once the season begins, you will receive an email letting you know that it is in stock and ready for you to order.

We are excited to have this solution to keep the most rare and valuable heirloom varieties in stock, and we hope that the inconvenience of waiting for the right season to order is worth the trade-off of simply not being able to order it at all. We invite your questions and feedback, as always, at

Click here to view our collection of seasonally available varieties.