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Pacific Northwest Tomato Collection

Pacific Northwest Tomato Collection

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Pacific Northwest Tomato Collection
Four heirloom tomato varieties that thrive in the Pacific Northwest.

Included in this collection are one packet each of the following tomato varieties that thrive in the maritime climate of the Pacific Northwest:

    'Diener' - Elongated, red, thin-skinned, thick-walled, meaty. Delicious enough for fresh slicing but excellent for processing.

    'Heidi' - Elongated in shape, red, thin-skinned, thick-walled, meaty and delicious paste-type tomato.

    'Maja' - Early maturing, productive, juicy, with a delicious old-time, red tomato flavor.
    'Large German Cherry' - Productive, crank resistant, early maturing, tasty, cherry-type fruit.

    These varieties should also do well anywhere early tomato fruit production is desired. Growing instructions are included on the individual seed packets.
    (Contents may vary slightly from the information and photos above.)
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