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Culinary Herb Seed Collection

Culinary Herb Seed Collection

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Culinary Herb Collection
Five culinary herb varieties in one collection.

Our "Culinary Herb Collection" includes herbs that are commonly used to season and flavor many foods. They can be grown in your gardens, flower beds or container grown for year-round fresh use. If you choose to harvest and dehydrate, for best results, store your dried herbs in airtight containers in a cool, dry, dark location.

This collection includes one packet each of 'Sweet Basil', 'Bouquet Dill', 'Oregano', 'Plain Parsley', and 'Garden Sage' all packaged in a decorative gift bag making it a nice little, affordable gift for gardening friends and family. Growing instructions are included on each individual packet.

(Contents may vary slightly from the information and photos above.)

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